If you are a YouTuber or a social media influencer then you know you cannot directly share a YouTube video on Facebook. Previously, just by posting the YouTube video’s link on your Facebook timeline you could view the thumbnail of the video. However, nowadays the norms of social media have changed and simply by sharing the link you won’t be able to play the same video on Facebook.

For many of you, this regulation has created a problem because you are unable to share your content on Facebook easily just by pasting the YouTube video’s link. But that does not mean that you need to waste all your internet data and upload the video again on Facebook. Do you know you can just convert your YouTube videos and make them compatible for Facebook in less than a minute? Yes, you heard me right!

You can now stream your YouTube content on Facebook by converting the YouTube video through a YouTube to the Facebook converter tool. You can avail this tool free of cost on many websites where all you have to do is, paste the link of your YouTube video and get a new link of converted video within few seconds. Now upload that new link on your Facebook timeline and as soon as your audience clicks on that new link, they will be directed to your YouTube channel. This will increase your view on YouTube as well as make you a popular face on both the social media platforms.

There is another trick which you can also follow for playing YouTube videos on Facebook. YouTube videos are bigger in size and downloading those videos might cost you some severe megabytes. If it is a music video which you can listen on the mp3 format as well, then here are the steps you need to follow. To save your internet data you can convert those YouTube videos into mp3. Mp3 videos consume much lesser size than normal YouTube videos which are downloaded by YouTube Downloader.

To avail of this YouTube to Mp3 converter service, you can look at all the websites by searching YouTube to mp3 converter online. You will come across multiple websites who provide this service and you can get this conversion done for free of cost. The steps which you need to follow are discussed below.

Firstly, find out the suitable website where you want to convert your video. As you click on their webpage, copy and paste the link of the YouTube video which you wish to convert in their input field. Then click on the format in which you want to convert. Here, select the mp3 format. Then press on ‘convert to’ and wait for the mp3 track. Now download the converted mp3 track on your device and you can listen to it anywhere you feel like and as many times as you want.

This entire conversion process is fast and easily available for its users. It is simple and by using this feature you can convert many such songs in future!


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