We have all heard about famous Austrian artist Gustav Klimt and his most prominent pieces such as The Kiss. However, throughout his artistic career, he had numerous difficulties, but we are not here to present you his brief biography, but only things you did not know about him.

Klimt artwork created controversyall acrossAustria, and when he had thrown the traditional aesthetics and took a unique approach, people created petitions that presented him as a pornographic artist.

However, that was not the case, and today his artwork worth millions of dollars, and he entered the group of immortal artists that created something different. Stay with us, to learn more on things you did not know about Gustav Klimt and his paintings:

  1. He Enjoyed Landscapes

The first thing we think when we hear about Gustav Klimt is his depictions of eroticism and women, but throughout his career, he created numerous paintings of landscapes, since he enjoyed them altogether.

It is the only genre that compelled him besides figure painting. According to his biographers, he frequently went to visit Lake Atter in Upper Austria and painted its landscape in his numerous pictures.

For instance, folks and locals that lived in this particular area nicknamed him forest demon or Waldschrat due to his extreme focus. He used the picture plane of his landscapes since he used a telescope to scope the compositions during the painting process.

  1. He Started Two Art Movements

It is a great thing to create an art movement especially if the one you create remains to the present day. The first movement he made was The Company of Artist, and it was a successful project that brought him numerous commissions.

The artists that were involved got both public attention and commissions, so it was a prominent perspective for all members. The second one was more popular and unique when compared with the first one,and we know it as Vienna Secession.

This particular movement brought to Klimt creative freedom and more significant, international acclaim. The movementwas associated with nontraditional art as well as symbolism that created a completely different perspective for the art of those days.

The Secession allowed and promoted young artists that wanted to break the chains of academic and traditional painting style and to embrace the creative and unique art that gets away from the relevant perspective.

It also brought the international artists to Vienna and made it global art hotspot, and the perfect place for exhibition. You should check here if you wish to learn more on Vienna Secession.

  1. He Wasn’t Interested In Himself

Even though he was into portraits during his early period, he still has not made any self-portrait. This is an unusual thing for artists of that time, primarilybecause he was interested in figure drawing.

On the other hand, he created an entire essay that presented the subject and answered the question of why he avoided self-portraits in his work. According to article, he never painted a self-portrait, because he was less interested in himself as a subject of the painting.

Instead, he enjoyed to portray women of all kind and thought that he did not have anything special to present to art lovers. He was a painter that paints on a daily basis, and he wanted to show others his interests by depictions of other people and landscapes.

He stated that looking carefully in his pictures would tell you everything about him, so self-portrait is irrelevant.

  1. He Didn’t Enjoy High Life

People tend to assume that Klimt’s painting is a translation of the luxurious life of Vienna’s aristocracy and high society, and that use of gold in his paintings wanted to present the benefits of his celebrity status.

However, that is not true at all, because he was a lone wolf and spent his days working and painting, wearing sandals and caftan without underwear (this is a historical fact). He did not want to blend with other artists and to increase his status and position, even though he could have.

Check this link: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-gustav-klimt to learn more on Gustav Klimt and his artistic approach.

  1. He Was Don Juan Of Vienna

As you can see from his paintings, he was completely obsessed with women, but that was not only an art. He was highly sexually active and never married, but the rumor states that he slept with every woman he painted.

Due to numerous affairs with his models, he claimed that the love of his life was the sister-in-law’s sister, designer Emilie Floge, and she was the muse of his masterpiece The Kiss.


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