The electrical inspection condition report is necessary to carry by the domestic and commercial customers. This must be as per the rules and regulation of your local body. This will meet the compliance of health and safety of the people living in those homes and in commercial places. The electrical testing regulations may differ with the regions. It is advisable to follow as per your countries regulations. The periodic electrical inspection certificate is safe to keep showing to your local body and with the insurance company.

Periodic Electrical Inspection Frequency

How often should a periodic inspection be carried out will be a question for the home and business customers. Yet the domestic electrical inspection frequency differs with the commercial one. This will be determined by the first electrical inspection report. They will mention when to conduct the next electrical visual inspection and fixed wiring inspection. Thus, the frequency of inspection will change as per the state of your property.

Periodic Inspection Report Cost

The Periodic Electrical Testing cost depends on the nature of your building, area and installation on those wiring. The cost of electrical inspection on home will be cheaper than a commercial property. Yet, both the customers can sign for a contract for the continued services with an authorized electrical testing company. They remind you when to do the next test.

Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report

The electrical fixed wiring safety is necessary to carry out for better safety of your family members. This can avoid fire related damages due to faulty wiring and improper grounding or earthing. You can also prevent electrical shock. It is advisable to do periodic testing of your electrical installation in your home. The electrical installation condition report (E.I.C.R.) is necessary to show, if you are giving your home for rent.

Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report

The commercial customers must do electrical fixed wiring safety inspection or factory electrical inspection on time. This will ensure for the Health & Safety at Work Regulations. By doing this, you are following the compliance to meet your local body requirement. This can be an office, small establishment, commercial complexes, educational institutions and hospitals. All of them must carry a periodic test of the electrical in their building. This will prevent from fire hazardous due to electrical faults. They check all the switchgear cut off properly. The wiring is properly grounded or not. The wiring has continuity. They check for the polarity.

The periodic electrical inspection and test by a professional team will ensure better safety and health of the people. The household and commercial customers must follow this compliance. You can hire a registered team to conduct this test. They give you certification, which is valid for a certain period. You have to once again do his inspection periodically for the continued service and follow the regulations. It is advisable to call a top rated electrical inspection company. You can sign a contract for doing the periodic electrical inspection for your home or office.


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