It is vital to understand that marijuana, similarly as other things evolved in the last few decades, and today, the strength of weed strains is strongest as ever.

According to a lab in Colorado, they decided to analyze 600 different samples of marijuana, both medicinal and recreational, and they have found that THC content has risen while CBD that features therapeutic value has declined.

Marijuana gained acceptance of the public in the recent few years that lead to a point where 23 states allowed medicinal use while other states also allowed recreational usage, however, that brought us to the point of regulations of marijuana sales, which is the main reason for critique.

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It is essential to understand that the regulations of weed are changing, and we can expect reduced crime levels and the ability to purchase pot with therapeuticcapabilities.

Potency is increasing

The analysis we have mentioned above has stated that the main findings are that power has risen three times in the last few decades, especially when compared with previous strains and THC levels.

Due to high levels of potency, we are experiencing strong weed that features up to 30% of THC, which is a huge deal when we compare it with previous moments.

In thepast, the potency reached up to 10% of THC,and that is the way people bred and grew it because the market wanted this particular strength and feelings.

The most significant surprise is that analysis brought us to the point of variable potency based on specific requirements, which is not in the same way sellers are advertising.

Of course, when you want to take medicinal marijuana, the idea is to choose the one that features higher levels of CBD, because it will reduce thenumber of psychoactive effects and you will still gain numerous benefits when it comes to mental health and pain relief for specific issues.

However, the ratio of CBD to THC is changing a lot, which is why states have to find a way to regulate this particular market, and we should choose based on our preferences and things we wish to achieve.

The Amount of CBD Is Waning

The Content of CBD has reduced over time,and according to most researchers, the main reason for this particular fact is that CBD is perfect for treating different types of mood disorders and brain issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease,and schizophrenia.

It also features antipsychotic effects; it can affect the side effects of THC such as paranoia, and other parts of it that will make you feel unreliable. Therefore, the idea and the fact that breeders want to make weed that will help you get high; smoking pot is different based on strain and levels of THC and CBD.

Even though you wish to rely on medicinal properties of CBD within a weed strain, you purchase, you will not get too much of it, and psychoactive effects are increasing as time goes by. We cannot make a homogenous market when it comes to retail and medicinal purposes.

One plant can have purple while others can have green leaves, and the percentage of cannabinoids tend to change based on the strength. However, the ratio of CBD to THC and other cannabinoids is not changing, because these two components are most important for both sellers and buyers.

Contaminations Are Increasing As Well

The analysis we have mentioned above has tested the number of contaminates when it comes to its chemical and biological varieties, which means everything from solvents to microbes. You should have in mind that this particular team found lots of dirty stuff on it.

Even though the weed strain looks impressive and beautiful, and when you check it inside for biological properties, you will notice the massive percentage of fungi and other contaminants that will affect both effect and medicinal benefits.

Some samples also feature butane, which is used for wax, but that was the case only for high potency weeds and strains. When it comes to biological contaminants, they are not too surprising, because marijuana is a plant and it is prone to those situations.

However, in general, contaminants that feature chemical compounds that are not healthy for human usage could lead to unsafe consumption. Even though we are talking here about a natural product, you will still notice microbial growth whatever you decide to do.

The question is whether these contaminants could affect the overall health of the consumer and whether you should be concerned before you make up your mind.

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What Can We Expect In The Future?

Since the rise of THC content in cannabis plants increased and is going on for years according to most researches, the surge will be much more significant than we can expect and the future will bring even more potency to your table.

However, the debate that we wish to start is whether this particular idea is healthy for the general public and whether it will affect the way, we function. The rise of THC content is not a concern; this appropriate variability will make it more challenging to create a dosage for medicinal treatment so that you can get the wanted effect afterward.

It means that you will have to consume excessive doses that could lead to severe clinical and mental side effects due to THC so that you can implement the right dosage of CBD for pain relief and other issues you are fighting.

The increase of THC content is creating more and more weed-related ER visits in the USA in the last few years according to Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The more THC weed contains, the stronger are its effects on the brain, and that could lead to a toxic reaction and even psychosis to some users.

Even if you are an occasional user, you can end up in ER because your body has not been used to its potent dosage. Since the number of people consuming weed increased, the number of ER visits and emergencies also doubledas a result.


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