Halitosis is the medical term used to describe bad breath. Millions of people in the world suffer this uncomfortable condition.


In most cases, bad breath is produced by gases released by bacteria lodged in the tongue and inside the gums. However, others can be the causes that produce it and for that reason they must be valued, first of all, by the dentist in the dental clinic Dubai.

In the event that there is an increase in bad breath in combination with symptoms of fever, malaise, cough and / or some other systemic symptom, then you should also consult with your family doctor.

A normal amount of bacteria in the mouth will not produce halitosis, but an excess of these bacteria can affect the breath and produce other major problems. If the cause is bacterial and comes from the mouth, the secret is to reduce this number of bacteria.

Another cause that contributes to bad breath are some of the foods consumed, including garlic, onion, alcohol, hot peppers and aromatic substances. The effect generated by the intake of these foods can last up to 72 hours and can not be eliminated with any treatment.

Bacteria that produce bad breath

The bacteria responsible for bad breath are housed in areas where the toothbrush does not usually reach, so it is important to use cleaning aids, such as mouthwash capable of reaching deeper areas and flossing.


A buccal state and some gums with a poor state of health contribute to bad breath. The correct and regular dental care contributes to the control of this problem.

Advice for the control of bad breath

  1. Brush teeth after every meal and especially before going to sleep.

To eliminate as much food remains as possible to feed the bacteria, helping them to reproduce and to release the gases responsible for bad breath, brushing should be frequent and should last between 2 and 3 minutes.

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  1. Flossing and mouth rinses

The use of cleaning aids will allow access to areas that cannot be reached with the toothbrush, eliminating more food waste and controlling the bacterial content even more.

  1. Include the tongue in tooth brushing

Because of its difficult access, the back of the tongue is usually an important bacterial reservoir. In addition, the tongue contains microvilli that facilitate the accumulation of bacteria and food debris. By brushing the tongue, the effects of the bacteria that cause bad breath will also be controlled.

  1. Periodic visits to the dentist

The best way to be sure that a proper maintenance of dental hygiene at home is carried out, is by visiting the dentist periodically. In addition, when there is a chronic halitosis, it is the dentist who can rule out any dental or periodontal problems and, if the cause is suspected to be a systemic problem, refer the patient to the attending physician.

  1. Stop

smoking tobacco Smoking contributes to bad breath. Tobacco tends to dry the mouth and may leave an unpleasant odor that persists right after brushing teeth.

  1. Drink enough water

Drinking water helps to control the bad smell, as it drags the remains of food and bacteria helping to eliminate them.

  1. Chewing gum without sugar

This will stimulate the production of saliva and help to eliminate any remaining food or unwanted bacterial content.

  1. Do not skip meals

Having an empty stomach by skipping meals can cause bad breath due to the accumulation of stomach acids.

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  1. Chop foods such as carrots, apples, etc.

Chopping crispy fruits or vegetables increases salivary flow, aiding bacterial elimination. Besides chopping this type of food, it will help control bad breath when you have an empty stomach.

  1. Avoid foods that produce bad breath

Very strong cheeses, foods with many spices, onions, garlic, coffee and certain alcoholic beverages, among others; they are products that, when ingested, leave a bad smell in the mouth. Avoid them when it is not possible to brush the teeth after intake, will also help prevent halitosis.


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