The electrical safety test is necessary to the household and commercial customers in London. The electrical testing certificate will help you in many ways from your local body and insurance company. There are many types of electrical testing. It is advisable to hire a professional team and conduct the tight electrical testing for your home or at work place. They follow the standard electrical testing procedures in London.

Electrical License Requirements by London

An electric testing company in London must have approval from any of the below mentioned organizations.

  • National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT)
  • CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme)
  • National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC)

Apart from above authorization, they must have proper license and company registration in London.

Areas Serving Electrical Testing in London

  • Electrical Testing in West London
  • Electrical Testing in North London
  • Electrical Testing in East London
  • Electrical Testing in South London
  • Electrical Testing in Central London

Why do you need Electrical testing?

An improper earth wire can damage your electrical equipment or hurt the user by electric shock. You can avoid such electrical hazards by testing your wiring and related fixtures and instruments. They do proper earth continuity test procedure on commercial building and social housing. They do proper fixed wire testing for home. This is the same of other industries hey can assure for the safety and health of their employees by electrical testing on periodic basis. This can find a fault and fix them on time. Your employee will be safe at work.

  • A period electrical testing will bring down your maintenance cost.
  • You can save on your electricity bill.
  • You are following the local body compliance for electrical safety.

Local Electrical testing Companies in London

A local Electrical Testing London is the best to hire as they are nearby and come to service on the needed time. It is advisable to get an electrical testing quote and fix them on your convenient time. They do have special packages for the households and the commercial customers. You can save money on electrical testing by selecting their testing packages. They do fix few minor faults by showing you the faults. They have qualified electrical testers. They use the modern test instruments. They follow the local standards of your building and equipments. They follow the best practice and never give you a false report. It is advisable to get a detailed report after inspection and testing.

A timely electrical testing will save your money on depreciation cost. This is the same for the household customers too. You can ensure for continued usage of your electrical items and related fixtures and wirings. The electrical testing will be cheaper, if you hire them on a periodic basis. Yu have to sign an agreement to do this by discussing the cost of such long term testing. When you live in London, you have to follow this electrical safety measure. This is a standard practice to get such testing certification in London.


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