Every business owner or manager knows how important it is to back up important data, and when a company relies on technology to communicate with customers and suppliers, share data and store files, then almost all data is needed for a company that makes backup services critical. Cloud backups are data protection by storing them in remote online storage, commonly referred to as the cloud. A recent study found that a large percentage of small and medium enterprises still face data loss because they use direct-attached storage, rather than cloud services. Data loss can be critical for a company, and many small businesses never recover from such an event, so it’s important to explore your options when it comes to storing and backing up data and finding many advantages with cloud computing and backups. How they are enough.

Improved protection of your data

First of all, cloud backup services offer you improved protection of your data, providing the ability to recover all data. This is possible thanks to advanced encryption and security technologies that underpin cloud backup. Since small and medium businesses do not have a rich IT budget, access is important to them, and cloud services offer a very low total cost of ownership. Storage and backup in the cloud is very affordable, and subscription prices tend to be valid throughout the year, which means predictability of costs, which is another important advantage for small and medium enterprises. Another important advantage of cloud services is ease of use, since such services provide access of any type anytime, anywhere. In addition, cloud data allows you to use easy-to-use interfaces and easy-to-use web-based management systems. Minimal maintenance is needed for those devices that are used to synchronize data in the cloud. Thanks to this convenience, cloud solutions are quickly deployed, which is another important advantage. In a matter of minutes, companies can enjoy data deployment and simple setup and configuration. Continuous management is not the only aspect that provides such comfort, since the recovery process is also very simple.

High level of flexibility

Perhaps the most important advantage of backup in the cloud is its high level of flexibility. As the business grows or declines, their IT needs change, but cloud storage is highly scalable and can quickly and easily increase or decrease its capacity to meet their specific needs. If you use cloud services, you can also save money on energy, since you will not need large server rooms or power consumption. Clouds are perfect for companies with green IT initiatives. The bottom line is that as400 cloud backup services are automatic, simple and inexpensive and offer better protection for business data — all the benefits any company would like to get from a backup service. This is definitely an alternative worth considering for small and medium businesses.


When it comes to worrying about whether you will lose data accidentally or not, many cloud storage services have built-in disaster recovery, which allows people to retrieve important data, even if the system or software has fault. Again, this is one of the top priorities for these service providers, and, of course, this is not something that users of this service should worry too much about.


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